Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is your website named "RevolutionVoice.com"?
A: RevolutionVoice.com is a domain name that I have owned for years. Unknown to many, there is an entire marketplace for the buying and selling of domains. It works like this: you try to think up cool and desirable domain names, then you can purchase the name if nobody else has. Once you purchase a name, you can do a number of things with it: you can develop a website for it, you can leave it "parked" or you can offer it up for sale on the domain name marketplace. I have owned a number of domains over the years. Think of domain names as an investment. For example, if you had purchased "pizza.com" years ago, you would be very well off today. Domain names typically cost between $10-$20 per year to own. RevolutionVoice.com is currently appraised at about $1800.

Q: Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
A: UPDATE: I am now on Facebook at THIS LINK No. Although I am somewhat of a computer geek, I have never been much of a social media creature. However if elected to the city council, I will consider creating a Twitter or Facebook account to better keep in touch.

Q: Why are you running for city council?
A: I am running for office out of an intense desire to ensure that the position of 3rd Ward Councilperson will be represented as the authors of the Constitution intended; that is "at the consent of the governed"...if I do not run for the position, a communist or a liberal Biden voter might! That is not intended in any way to reflect on or apply to other persons also running for this position...I am not aware of the political ideologies of any other person currently running for this position, and therefore at this time will only wish them the best. I would ask that each of us take good hard look at whether or not our current various levels of government (federal, state, local) are being good to you. If elected, I intend to do my part to ensure that our local city government is being good to you.

Q: What are some of the actions you plan to take as a member of the city council?
A: Why wait until I might be elected? Behind the scenes I am already doing small things on behalf of the community. Here are some examples. How about those Dollar General Coupons for $5 off on Saturday? Many of you may have noticed recently that these coupons were no longer being given out. Through careful observation and investigation I was able to determine that these coupons were in fact being generated, but were not being given to the customers. I contacted Dollar General corporate with my findings. I will not go into the details, but suffice to say, customers are now being given the coupons.

Another example: UPDATE: IT APPEARS THAT PLANS FOR A SAVE-A-LOT, IF THERE WERE ANY, HAVE NOT COME TO FRUITION. I CAN ONLY PASS ALONG WHAT THE OWNER OF EASTGATE SHOPPING CENTER TOLD ME IN AN EMAIL. How about that new grocery store that is supposed to be going into Eastgate Shopping Center? Like many of you, I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of a new grocery store in our community. After several months and no evidence of a new store coming to fruition, I took it upon myself to contact the new owner of Eastgate Shopping Center. I was informed that a Save-a-Lot Grocery Store should be opening in 3 to 4 months. Let me stress that this is just what the owner informed me in an email. For privacy reasons, I will not share the emails here, however the contact information is easily obtained online and any person who wishes to do so can easily replicate the actions that I have taken if you wish to make your  own inquiries. The point is...when there is an issue with stores, coupons, or any number of other things, you can count on me to investigate, take action, and most importantly keep everyone informed of what is going on.

Other actions I would take as a member of the city council would be giving back to the community. As mentioned in my Bio on the HOME page of this website, I am already a weekly contributor to the Green Hills Animal Shelter. If elected to the city council, I would be able to modestly increase the amount of giving back to the community. We are potentially looking at items like contributions to local organizations (Life Action Green Hills, Food Bank, etc). Additionally we may hold occasional drawings for a free spay or neuter of your pet. As long as my current financial situation remains as it is, these are the kinds of things we plan on doing.


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